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Join us for our annual Suits and Strategies Business Meeting.


Suits & Strategies is a training where we strategize, and cultivate professional and personal development; through masterclasses, webinars, workshops, and mentorship. We offer administrative, and leadership training; organization, and business development, bookkeeping, payroll administration, human resources, and project management; strategic business planning, and management, entrepreneurship, business establishment, and ethics; emotional intelligence, teambuilding and spiritual growth and insight. If you are interested in any of the trainings or services, please click the link below.

Atavia Barnes is a Entrepreneur, a Professional, and a Prophet. The entrepreneurial lens: a business consultant, executive administrator, road manager, conference and corporate event strategist; and a content writer and editor. The professional lens: a human resources and project manager, bookkeeper, and payroll administrator. The prophetic lens: personal, and prophetic insight with development and strategy. She's a prophet, author, mentor, and teacher with an apostolic edge.

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