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Prophetess Atavia Barnes serves in three capacities of the five-fold ministry: Prophet, Evangelist, and Teacher.  The woman of God flows in a unique prophetic anointing that will captivate your spirit.  She evangelizes for lost souls and teaches Holiness.


Prophetess has a heart for God’s people and is in search of whom God is with a desire to know Him, not just about Him.  Relentless, when seeking revelatory wisdom and understanding to bring simplicity and balance in the lives of God’s people for the betterment of Kingdom-living. A Prayer Warrior and Intercessor, who will and can, pray.  Her belief is “You must know the word to pray and you must pray the word to know.”  


A five times author: "What My Smile Doesn't Tell You" "The Hurt that Helped" "Missing Pieces Administration Manual and Workbook."  New release "#Catchit"
A Levite, who loves and cherishes the thought that God chose her to be a Psalmist to minister to Him in song, other attributes are editor, road management, content writer, facilitator, and conference strategist.

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